10 ways to market your business at low cost

Small business owners have to realize that marketing their businesses should be on a consistent basis. Consistent business marketing along with an effective advertisement will go hand-on-hand to make the sale. If customers are presented with a good view of your products and credentials prior to a sales call or before they decide to buy, you are more likely to cash in.

Marketing a product does not only rely on how much it is being sold, but it is characterized by placing the appropriate message towards the appropriate customer at the appropriate time. Ten ways in marketing your business are presented below. Keep in mind that in business it is crucial to learn before you earn.

1. Give an effort of making your customer feel special. – Customers appreciate recognition, especially nowadays where business competition is stiff. You can offer or give something extra on the items that your customer will buy. It does not have to be costly, just little thing that customer would appreciate. Like for example giving out custom koozies

2. Customize business card for clients to keep. – Instead of giving out traditional business card that usually end up in the trash bin; customize something that will replace it. You can give a sleek notepad having your contact information. Such notepad can be used every day and has more effective remembrance factor.

3. Cease from servicing no profit clients – An expert concluded that not all customers are providing profit to the company. Meaning they are very much part of your regular sales, but not getting a good profit out of them. It is better to minimize servicing these customers and concentrate on others who provide the profit.

4. Put-up an e-mail list and start sending old-fashioned letters. – Businesses today are able to use the power of e-mailing effectively. Just the same, your business can also maximize the use of such technology especially the e-mailing list. However, since e-mail marketing has been the business trend, you can easily diversify and rise above the others by sending personal, traditional mail letters to existing customers and new prospects. The letter should contain the things that the customers may want to read. It may contain new ideas useful for the addressee’s business or some valuable offers.

5. Heighten profile at trade events. – You can have an elegant signage and printed ads materials with company and product information that can be distributed at trade events and business conferences.

6. Expose your business at parties and special events. – Organize company-sponsored event, conference or party for a cause. In that way, you can easily get to know many people and demonstrate your leadership skills on small business. The idea is to re-establish connection with present clients and make an impression to new ones.

7. Put-up a destination. – Get a place where people can relax, have a drink and place to enjoy their favorite food. On the side, you can furnish it with your marketing paraphernalia and meet new prospects.

8. Use social media to your advantage. – Conduct research of active e-mail community discussion lists and other online bulletin media that are related to your own business. Join as many as possible and begin to socialize by offering advice, commenting on posts or answering online questions.

9. Connect with local media. – Your company can establish better credibility with prospects through editorial features than costly-paid ads. Your company should be ready with fresh and relevant story in order to get a good media coverage.

10. Keep your customers. – It is a common observation in business deals that after the sales are closed, business owners tend to relax to the point of neglecting their customers. You have to do after sales service, congratulate your new customers and thank them for choosing your company to meet their needs. Do not forget to follow them up regularly to get new or additional orders.

Ways to Boost Your Online Store’s Credibility

online-credibilityBuilding a store’s credibility is the first step towards achieving success in business. But it is said that building a reputation online may seem to be different as there is the continuous battle to erase the stereotype made by fraudulent sites. To succeed in this deal, you really need to pour in a lot of effort and time. We have got you covered though so here are some of the ways you can make use of to boost your online store’s credibility.

Have a lasting impression

Create an impression by building an eye catching page first. Allow a simple interface that users can navigate to easily. Since the new generations are more particular with the look of pages one can trust, it is best to stay away from flashy buttons and banners. Make your site appear professional as much as possible.

Post Company’s Details

Posting everything about the business like its history, the people behind it and contact details that users can just make use of to connect to the company is an instant credibility booster. By displaying all the facts about the company, you are giving out an impression that you have nothing to hide. This alone will let people feel at ease dealing with you.

Set Up a Feedback Pane

Another easy credibility booster is the feedback pane. Adding one in your page will allow users to see the feedbacks that other consumers have posted. Seeing positive deals on the pane will just instantly cause your reputation to shoot up.

Post Only the Truth

Consumers nowadays are meticulous when it comes to the promises that companies offer their patrons. Since you are asking for people’s attention, it is just right to also return the favor by posting only the truth about your products and services.

You need to really be careful about posting insincere things in your site. Remember that any inconsistency in your post will permanently bring a huge impact in your business.


These are four of the most useful credibility boosting ways in building an online store. Keep these in mind especially if you are still starting with your online business to ensure a good start.

Can You Design Custom Koozies Online?

I have been looking for the perfect designer tool for custom koozies since it’s a pain in the butt to design them or have a company design them and take weeks. It would be a lot easier if a designer tool were made for koozies that you could use online and be done within minutes. After spending an afternoon looking at many koozies sites I found custom koozies | Express Imprint , which has great prices and a great designer tool in which I created some custom koozies for an event coming up.

In the designer tool in Express Imprint the koozies looked great! How did they turn out? Even better, the results below show the great koozies that were designed on their site and were delivered after two weeks. If you’re looking for custom printed koozies check them out!


Beware of Terrible Web Design Trends

It does not mean that it is a trend that you should follow it. You must have heard of these lines before and in the world of web designs this actually true. You just can’t be too trendy when it comes to designing web pages that will click; trends come and go and smart we design should still be a priority. To give an example of what awful web designs are here are 5 of the worst that you must never adapt to your site:

  1. Using splash pages – splash pages are meant to excite and to make visitors yearn for more. These pages are loaded with moving graphics, engaging music, illuminating and gyrating status bars and so much more. There is just so much for an average user to take. You should never use this kind of technique since customers will likely just bounce from your site and find another site where he could get straightforward information instead.
  2. The Web 2.0 Design – these are web designs that look similar to a children’s story book with rounded corners, drop shadows and reflections. This is a totally outdated web design that could only mean one thing: your content must be outdated too. Invest in strong and dramatic web design to keep your customers interested. Remember that the more professional-looking your site is the more you will likely attract more customers.
  3. Stock photos – you may have seen this more frequently, stock photos that you swore you have seen in one or more sites that you have been to. If you must use stock photos, make sure that you review the photo with a keen eye. Choose believable ones or the ones that will certainly make a good impression to your customers. But if you can, please use your own photos or take a picture of actual people and places instead.
  4. MySpace-ification – a site that becomes more of a scrapbook could be cute in the e mid 2000s but this trend is certainly unforgivable these days. Talk about large counters, different kinds of fonts and font sizes, neon graphics and flashing icons could bring tears to your eyes! Personalizing your site is a great way to express yourself but it could cost you a lot of visitors. You simply cannot expect everyone to like your taste so better take time in creating a simple and acceptable site. Always remember that less is more.
  5. Flash sites – this is a terribly outdated style that is not just old but is becoming more and more incompatible with so many devices and programs. What you can do to update a site that still runs on flash is using HTML5 or CSS2 instead.
  6. Popup windows – it is very distracting if you are trying to read something while a popup window refuses to close. Whether it is an ad or a landing page, popups are very disruptive and could cost you more users. So if you can do without these pages then you should just keep them to a minimum.

Logo design

Logo design is skill and art mixed with marketing, I like this tutorial that shows the process of a logo designed in illustrator.

How to Get To Know Your Online Customers More

How do you get to know your online customers? It seems very easy to do this if you have an actual store or establishment. Take a local salon owner who knows each and every patron that comes in her shop. She recognizes the lady with the dog that usually asks for a short trim along with a manicure. She also knows that a particular patron wants to have her tresses shampooed after a trim and before a blow dry. Every little act of personalization counts in an actual business and it is very easy to do so. Entrepreneur had a great article related to this last month. But how do you actually do this when you have never met your online customers before? How do you know what the customer wants when about 98% of people that visit your site are anonymous?

A business owner has to take certain cues from his visitors when maintaining an e commerce site. Here are some basic rules to follow:

  1. Just like in an actual store, greet your customers. As soon as they land on your site, offer a warm welcome on your home page and invite them to come in. customers love to be treated really special and just like ushering them in your store, show them the best merchandise that you have. Remember that they have come a long way to find your site and these special products are mainly the reasons why they have found you!
  2. Give them a welcome discount. Everyone loves to get a discount offer even for 10% off the retail price. Understand that most online customers are comparing suppliers and online shop prices and giving them even an extra discount could make them notice your site and buy. And even an anonymous customer could appreciate a discount. You may also use promo codes or new member discount offers and free delivery offers just to make your new customers welcome!
  3. A loosely relevant offer could also be a surprising treat for your customers. For instance, a customer came from a location where there it is most likely raining all the time. Your homepage may offer a free umbrella or a poncho; surprise your customers with a personalized handling of their purchases and you will be surprised as to how these customers will keep on coming back for more.
  4. As your new customer tries your products or services for the first time, you may now make their buying experience even more personalized. After purchasing, your customer will likely have provided information about her like her delivery address, phone number, email address so many more information to help you create a specific buying preference. This is the time to send her emails about products that you think she may appreciate or some new discount offers and services that you think that she might need. Little by little, you will be able to create a profile for your customers and finally connect in a more personalized and special way.